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Furniture storage

we like to give you space!

Bert Ooms Verhuizingen has been providing professional moving services since 1843. For careful preparation of your move and a thorough cost estimate, one of our experts will be happy to visit you. He can assess your household effects to be moved and see what requirements are necessary to carry out your specific move. At your request, we will provide moving boxes and packing paper well in advance or pack the moving boxes for you in advance. Disassembling and reassembling furniture is no problem either. This way, we, and especially you, will not be unpleasantly surprised. Click here to request a free, no-obligation, quick quote.

Furniture platforms

We place furniture, boxes and parts of household effects on furniture platforms, thereby creating a kind of large package of your household effects. We can then efficiently deliver your household contents to your new home. An excellent clean and dry method of furniture storage.

Furniture corlettes

We also have so-called furniture cassettes, in which we can store furniture, smaller household effects or parts of household effects. These are then placed back into our furniture storage facility on location. 

Furniture containers

We can store your furniture in these furniture storage containers, each container is approximately 8 m3. These containers are located in our furniture storage facility, which is equipped with heating and electronic certified security with automatic alarm.

Archive storage

For a number of customers, we manage their archives, this can be done on pallets with a simple coding that allows everything to be called up per financial year. We also have separate rooms with archive racks. Archives can be destroyed by a certified archive shredder.

What does it say where?

Both the furniture corlettes and furniture platforms we put into the pallet racks in our furniture storage with our forklift trucks on location, with the location codes noted, everything can be found quickly and easily.


Certified Mover

At a Certified mover you are assured of thoroughly trained staff and guaranteed removal by experienced employees.